mad hatter vintage owners

Get to know us

It all started with a woman and her couch. No, seriously. Kristina, the founder of Mad Hatter Vintage, was inspired to create a unique vintage rental company serving the Hampton Roads area when she fell in love with the pink couch she used at her wedding. She and her husband teamed up, lived Mad Hatter Vintage, and helped nurture its growth and beauty.

Fast forward a year and it was time to pass the torch. When Kristina contacted the team at Jollity & Co we were honored that she wanted us to continue the adventure "down the rabbit hole." Being avid lovers of all things party, we jumped at the chance! At our core we share the passion of a vintage yet modern style and want further the unique perspective Mad Hatter has brought to our area.

We foresee a marriage made in heaven - the fun, flair, and excitement of the Jollity & Co brand married with the beautiful, elegant, and fanciful presence of Mad Hatter Vintage.

We're a little bit bonkers for taking this on. But it's true what they say: all the best people are.