Vintage Rentals on a Budget

When you’re working within a small budget, incorporating a few amazing vintage rentals along with budget-friendly basics can really change the whole look of your event! The same idea applies to styling an outfit or decorating your home; get your basics from Target or Old Navy and blend them with a few pieces from Pottery Barn or Anthropologie and voila- designer look on a budget! By using rentals, you don’t need to actually own the expensive pieces- you just borrow them! Renting a few high-end pieces instead of buying them will already save you big bucks and you won’t have to worry about what to do with them after your big day!

Stick to the types of rentals that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Think about what’s most important you, what will be most memorable to your guests and what flows the best with your event style and design.

Sweetheart Table

Instead of renting specialty chairs and tables for your entire event, focus on a unique sweetheart table setup for your reception. Having a specially selected table and chair setup just for the two of you is budget-friendly and helps weave your style into your event. Also, you don’t have to rent vintage china and glassware for all of your guests, but consider a special pair of place settings just for you and your love! Your table will look divine and you won’t break the bank!

Sweetheart Table
Image credit: Kimberly Florence Photography
Sweetheart Table Vintage Rentals
Image Credit: Virginia Ashley Photography

Lounge Pieces

Weddings are all about hospitality and nothing makes your guests feel more comfortable and welcome at your big day than a well-coordinated lounge area, especially for those who aren’t dancing or who want to sit and chat with friends and family. Lounge areas can get expensive quickly, so think on a smaller scale- a sofa, two chairs and a coffee table. Also, using several benches and ottomans around a coffee table is a budget-friendly way to incorporate a lounge area into your event.

Mad Hatter Vintage Rental Lounge
Image credits: Kimberly Florence Photography, Audrey Rose Photography and Rosie Omar Photography

Specialty Tables and Buffets

Specialty tables and buffets for desserts, gifts and guest books that communicate your event style and theme can stand out among basic draped tables and chafing dishes. Your guests are more likely to notice the desserts and coffee displayed on a vintage high-end buffet than they are to notice the basic folding chairs.

Mad Hatter Vintage Buffets and Tables
Image credits: Elizabeth Henson Photography, Meredith Ryncarz Photography & Virginia Ashley Photography

Details for Photographs

Photographs from your wedding day will be cherished by you, your family, friends and your future generations, so it makes sense to invest in renting small details that will make your images stunning. Vintage champagne flutes for your bridesmaids during getting ready shots, a special vintage chair for your bridal portraits or even a gilded Italian tray for pictures of your invitation suite are budget-friendly and impactful rentals that your photographer will love, too!

Mad Hatter Vintage Rentals Wedding Details
Image credit: Kimberly Florence Photography

 Don’t focus on…

I love vintage and specialty rentals (obviously) and I would love for everyone to have the budget for everything on their big day, but it just isn’t practical! If you have a small budget, you probably don’t want to focus on vintage china and glassware for every guest- china setting rentals can get pricey so decide what you think will make the biggest impact. Maybe it’s vintage colored glassware only. Maybe it’s vintage china place settings for just the head table. When you have 150-200 guests, chairs can add up quickly, so you probably don’t want to rent vintage specialty wooden chairs for all your guests if you have a tight budget. Lastly, it’s easy to get carried away with big things like lounge pieces (and they’re my favorite), but small details matter, too! Renting just a sofa and coffee table can still have a huge impact if you pair it with personal details!